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Counterbalance, or simply Balance, is a wooden balance game. Roll the dice and place the wooden blocks on the disk in turn according to the number on the dice. The game ends when placing a piece knocks over all other wooden blocks. The game is made by hand, from wood from controlled sources.

Dimensions: Assembled and mounted on stand, measures: 141 x 80 x 80 cm

What does the game include? 1 x support stand (not needed if you place the game on the table), 1 x disc with its stand, bag of wooden pieces, and dice

What is the objective of the game? DO NOT overturn the wooden blocks on the disc

How to play – basic rules

It is played in 2 – 4 players. Each player rolls the dice and the one who rolled the lowest starts, player I, followed by II, III and IV. Each player, in turn, rolls the dice and chooses a piece to place on the disk in the area indicated by the dice

If there is no more room in an area, and a player needs to place a piece, they cannot move an already placed piece. Instead, they will have to stack the pieces in that area.

The player who, while placing their piece, tilts the board and causes one or more blocks to fall, is eliminated.
The game can continue after the disk is stabilized if there are wooden blocks left on it.


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